Terms and conditions

After getting request, a manager will contact a customer within maximum 12 hours with information about availability of the apartment. If it is available, our manager will send to a customer an invoice for payment of advance (prepayment). Prepayment amount is 10-50% from the total cost of apartment for the whole period of stay. It depends on the type and class of apartment, as well as the date of arrival / departure and the period of stay.

After we sent an e-mail with invoice for prepayment, a customer has 8 hours to make payment. If a customer can’t make payment during this time, he should notify us. Apartment is reserved only after we receive advanced payment from a customer.

After getting prepayment we keep apartment free for the period of stay and reject all possible orders of other customers for this period. Without an advance payment we can not guarantee booking. However on arrival if there are apartments available, we will be able to accommodate a customer.

The website contains basic prices per night for apartment rentals. The price may change to higher or lower, depending on the date of arrival / departure and the period of stay. Customers may get the certain price for apartment, contacting our English speaking managers by phone or email. All photos of our apartments correspond with reality and we don’t arrange preview of apartments before booking because we don’t have the right to disturb other guests who are living in the apartment now.

A customer needs to notify us about the time of his arrival in advance, it's necessary to do that we can meet him near the apartment without keeping him waiting. Also we need to know customer’s cell contact number at arrival so that we could stay in touch easily.

A customer needs to pay balance amount at check-in for the full period of stay, otherwise the owner has a right to refuse a customer in accomodation and deduct prepayment as a fine. Currency of payment should be discussed with a manager in advance if a customer doesn't prefer to pay balance in USD or UAH. As our prices are in US dollars and in case a customer prefers to pay balance in another currency it’s necessary to inform us and we will count the amount of balance on the date of arrival according the rate exchange on this day.

Number of persons who will stay in apartment must not exceed that which has been agreed with us for reservation.

Pets are allowed only with the consent of the owners of apartment.

Standard time of check-in is 13 o'clock and check-out - 12 o'clock (noon). If planned time of check-in / check-out differs from standard time, a customer should notify us in advance. Sometimes this situation can be settled for additional payment that depends on customer’s needs.

The owner of apartment has the right to refuse to check a customer in during late night (from 24:00 till 6:00) if a customer hasn’t notify us about that during the procedure of booking apartment.

Security deposit (1 night of staying) is usually required to compensate possible damage caused by a customer during the rental apartment. If the amount of damage exceeds the security deposit, apartment owner sets the amount of compensation. A customer receives a deposit back if the apartment was not damaged during his stay.
A customer is financially responsible for any damage he or his visitors made to any appliances, furniture, upholstery, kitchen utensils, linens, towels, walls, floor, etc.
Normally security deposit will be back in full size to a customer at check-out.

In a day before departure a customer needs to contact our manager to check the condition of apartment and to give the key. If a customer needs transfer from apartment to the airport or to other city of Ukraine, it’s necessary to contact us in advance.

Cancellation information: if a customer wants to cancel booking of apartment it’s necessary to contact us.
Dates’ change: schedule of occupancy of apartment are very close and in most cases dates’ changes for certain apartment is impossible.
We strongly encourage our customers to plan the dates properly before booking an apartment. To protect yourself against financial losses due to flight cancellations or other force-major situations, we recommend our customers to use a proper travel insurance.

Refund Policy:
In case of cancellation of apartment reservation we do not refund advance payment for the booking.
We guarantee full refund if reservation cancellation is our fault only. If booked apartment becomes uninhabitable (requires urgent repair, etc.) for some reasons, we will notify a customer about this and offer another option the same or higher level and the same price. We do not refund if due to force majeur situation, the apartment of the same level of comfort or higher was provided to a customer.